The Corstorphine Hill body of work is the result of several factors coming together. In 2010 I moved in the Corstorphine area of Edinburgh. Roughly at the same time I was becoming interested in vintage cameras, from the 1950s and early. Corstorphine Hill naturally became my testing grounds to familiarise myself with those cameras and the type of images they could produce. Although I didn’t take any great photographs on those first visits to the hill I started to identify some interesting trees and woodland scenes and realised I could re-visit them at different times of day or to take advantage of interesting weather conditions.

Soon after I also started to experiment with the lith printing process (more on that on the ‘About‘ section) which provided my photos with something I felt missing for many years. I soon became addicted to the seemingly endless possibilities offered by the process in order to interpret a negative. Over the following 5 years I went to the hill regularly while I gained a better understanding of the lith process. Eventually I gathered a few photographs I felt satisfied enough to show in my first solo exhibition at Coburg House: ‘Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh: 2010- 2015’. These are some of the images that featured in the exhibition.