The Dream Forest is my response to the creative rut I went through after I finished the Corstorphine Hill Project. For several months I didn’t know what to photograph next. I wanted to keep exploring woodlands but was afraid I’d end up taking the same photos over and over. However after some thought I followed my heart and decided to keep photographing trees, this time using only one camera.

I wanted to use the Ilford Sporti, a very simple medium format camera from the 1950s I happened to find at a charity shop sometime in early 2009. The lens in the camera is somehow damaged and produces very soft and dreamy images that I’ve always found very appealing. As I had only included one successful shot from this camera in the Corstorphine Hill exhibition I wanted to find out what images suited this dreamy look. The project is not location specific with some images taken in my last visits to Corstorphine while others are from my new local woodland, Blackford Hill. I expect to include images from other locations too. This is an ongoing project so I interpret each photograph as individual lith prints while I keep working in the darkroom for a unifying look.